8.00 pagi sehingga 3.00 petang ISNIN-JUMAAT

Events & Activities

The purpose of events and activities is  to give colours to the kids' life in school. Activities make them alive and creative.

1) Sports - takes place in Feb/March. We have pom-pom presentation, games for year 4,5,6 and parents too.
2)Musical Theatre - takes place in August/September. Kids look forward to this. There is Pantun Competition for Year 5 and English Story Competition for Year 6. Year 4 will do special presentation. This is public speaking competition!
3) Class Photography - takes place in September.
4) Convocation & Awards Giving - takes place in October/November. Whoever puts effort in their studies will be rewarded.
5) Study Trip - takes place in November. Its outing day with teachers.
6) Childrens' Day - takes place on last day of school. We have games and everybody comes in beautiful colours.

...........Everyday is a great day in U Bestari!

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